Model/Method to understand the question

i have compiled 200 pages, i use langchain,chromaDB as tools. and use an openAI LLM.
my question, when I ask the contents of the document with the same question as the contents of the document, it will receive an answer.
but when I try to ask for synonyms sometimes it can’t be answered.

as an example:
I am compiling recipe documents. after that I asked “what is the recipe for noodles?”. this question will answer correctly because my question is specific.
I tried asking “how to make noodles?”, sometimes it didn’t give the answer that I expected.

Is there a model/method that can handle the question above? in the sense of being able to understand questions with other editors but still have the same intent

Try creating a persona for the AI in the system prompt, if you tell it that it is a cooking AI with many years experience of teaching new users about food related topics, then it is much more likely to treat “make noodles” in the correct way.

My technique is usually something along the lines of giving it examples.

Here’s an example from OpenAI: OpenAI Platform

Here’s something I do personally, originally designed for recipes, but ended up a good format for poetry: