Problem with web chatgpt but not with android chatgpt with the same account


I have a problem with chatgpt+, on my android phone everything works perfectly well, but on my web pc version I regularly get “oops, an error occured” in plugin mode but not in dall-e mode

Similarly, when I try to review certain previous requests I have the same problem and I no longer have access to the “my plan” option in my account.

Sometimes when I try to make requests, it doesn’t crash, but it doesn’t take these into account and uses the google plugin for its web searches, while at the time of its work, it displays the use of voxscript, which is nonsense because I’m not asking it to analyse a video.

the plugins I use are voxscript, web request, metaphor search

my account was created with microsoft account and I recently had to change my password, but chatgpt connects fine with these changed identifiers

What should I do to return to normal?

Kind regards

Hi ! Everything is back to normal…