Problem with captcha on with a paid account

I have been experiencing problems with captcha on both of my accounts for the past two months. I use chat web approximately 20-25 times a day, and I constantly encounter captcha for 1-2 hours, despite having a paid account.

This issue is quite frustrating. How can I resolve it?

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This has been reported to hit Linux users.

I would disable all adblockers or privacy blockers on the OpenAI page in your browser.

Then switch the user agent with an extension to something benign like “windows 10”

Report back if you are able to reduce the puzzling appearance.

  • Linux user.
  • I run an extremely aggressive pi.hole on my home network.

I’ve never once received the new CAPTCHAs being reported.

Gonna need a citation about this being Linux or ad-blocker related.

Linux: Stop asking if I'm human every other message!

Linux:Needed to solve 50 mini puzzles for a 4-message chat 🤗 (CAPTCHA verification gone crazy) - #3 by yhavinga

We have no idea why people are considered “robot-y”, but we can change things within our control and attempt to discover.

Your “pi-hole” isn’t rewriting the user agent of the browser to its own.

Why is pi-hole in quotes? That’s just weird dude.

Are you okay?

What’s your concern about things rewriting user-agents? Most ad-blockers don’t do that either though.

Like I said, on Linux, with a Linux user-agent, no CAPTCHAs.

Also it seems you don’t know what a user-agent is. It’s a pretty long string of text that gives a lot of information about the device and browser being used.

For instance here is mine,

Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 10; K) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Mobile Safari/537.36

Setting a user-agent to,

is a dead giveaway it has been altered.

Obviously I’m talking about the whole user agent.

No, I’m not on Windows 10. Good enough to fool Bing AI Chat.

I also don’t get persistent ChatGPT screens with errors and no history loading. That doesn’t mean I don’t believe the report of others or tell them “there’s no evidence that anything will help you so you should try nothing”.

Not obvious to users unfamiliar with setting user-agents.

Congratulations? I’m not sure Bing AI Chat cares what your user-agent is.

Are you trying to insinuate I do not believe what others report?

Are you trying to insinuate this is something I’ve written?

Same problem here on MacOS.
Up to blocks of 5 at a time.

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