Private Workspace Queries: Ensuring User-Only Chat Privacy

Is it possible to set up specific private subsections within the workspace so that each user has their own private workspace with no message sharing?

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Every query in ChatGPT Team is private and not shared unless a user chooses to do so. Subsections or subcategories for individual privacy are unnecessary as all chats are inherently private and only visible to the user, unless intentionally shared. OpenAI ensures user privacy and does not make individual queries public nor train on the inputs or responses of Team Workspace users.

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I’m guessing you have your own answer to this too. You don’t need 50 topics for a FAQ.

No, I definitely don’t need multiple topics for a FAQ either. Apparently, that is the only way can provide answers to the discord forum. @EricGT and I are putting this together so that Kapa can carry these answers over there and attempt to reduce the prevalence of similar queries on this forum.

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The individual topics exist because requires a single accepted solution for each topic. This is facilitated by the Discourse solved plugin, which allows only one accepted solution per topic. Therefore, each question corresponds to one topic, one question, one reply containing the answer, and the reply marked as the solution.

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