Privacy concerns


I am trying out features of ChatGPT. Its features look interesting. I would like to pitch this in an upcoming meeting with my client. I think ChatGPT can be used to automate their customer support service. Fine tuning will help a great deal. I will train a model with the existing customer support resources so that responses are more accurate. However, I have some concerns about the security of the fine tuned model.

Can anyone access the fine tuned model? The resources are confidential and they are not supposed to be made public.

Second, in the privacy policy it is mentioned that the conversations are monitored for OpenAI team’s training purpose. Does that mean that they monitor fine tuned models as well. Because, that would be risky for us.

It would be great if someone helps me with my concerns. Thanks!


Hi @subhojit777 : I was looking for Data Privacy Policy for PII Data, Can you please tell me where you have found Second Point?