Prices of API GPT-3 Davinci-003 unclear after use

I need to understand the costs of the GPT-3 davinci-003 API per token consumed. I only pay for the API response tokens? But the cost of 1k tokens does not add up to me, it costs me $0.5 instead of $0.02 by doing the actual calculations from the online dashboard.
How much does 1k tokens cost for GPT-3 davinci 003? Thank you

You pay for both the prompt & the response.
If your cost was $0.50 then it’s most likely from a combination of calls.

The most you could ever get charged for one call using Davinci-003 is roughly $0.08 as that is the max tokens (~4,000).

As it says in pricing, the cost of 1k tokens is $0.02.
That could be 500 prompt tokens and 500 response tokens.
If you were to fine-tune a model, then you would only pay for the request and not both.


Thank you. The pricing on the site is not very clear.