Completion API 1K token minimum charge, even for fewer tokens

The OpenAI pricing page states that “In the simplest case, if your prompt contains 10 tokens and you request a single 90 token completion from the davinci engine, your request will use 100 tokens and will cost $0.002.”

This seems to imply that any api request carries a 1K token charge minium. Even if prompt+completion is 100 tokens, you will be charged for 1K tokens. By the same logic 1001 tokens would cost as much as 2000 tokens.

Can someone confirm there’s always a minimum 1K token charge?

Where are you seeing this?

$0.002 is 1/10th of $0.02 which is the cost of 1,000 tokens in Davinci currently…And 100 is 1/10th of 1,000…

Hope that helps.

In the faq at the bottom of Pricing

That doesn’t say there’s a 1k minimum. I’m not seeing where you’re reading 1k minimum. Sorry.

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Silly me. Thank you. You’re absolutely right. Sorry for the confusion.