Possible to create a four question multiple choice personality quiz/profile with API?

Note: I am willing to pay for help on this - I am tasked with creating a (seemingly) simple web app/script which basically asks the user to answer 4-6 multiple choice questions. The questions are geared towards creating a “personality” - so one might be “What is your favorite music type?” and answers would be several multiple choice. After the user completes the questions, a “personality profile” would post/display incorporating personality characteristics extrapolated from each question. So - if a user likes outdoor hikes, country music and bourbon on the rocks - the result would be generated like so" since you like outdoor hikes, you are adventurous. You like taking risks, and you love to ________________…yada, yada, yada.

Is OpenAi overkill for this? I am just not sure how to use the API to get responses to form questions/submissions. Ideally, each response would be different for every user (the reason for using ChatGPT/Ai), and would include a little humor. Ideas anyone? I am willing to pay for help! :slight_smile: