Poe and gpt4-32k legit or scam?

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just a short question. I saw several post about the topic gpt4-32k and that the website poe.com would provide access to this model. But its hard for me to believe it because it would undermine open ai’s strategy to expand the access while they increase their resources.

So is it scam or is it legit? Did someone a test?

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While I’m not certain, I’ve come across several comments suggesting it might be a scam.

Since GPT-4-32k is still in its Alpha or early beta phase and access is limited to a select few for testing, I’m inclined to believe it’s not legitimate.

:smile: Poe is actually a legitimate endeavour, it’s from the team that makes Quora. Yes it is legitimate so far as I understand it and it’s being ran on their dedicated instance.

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Ahh yes,
Now that you mentioned it, that does ring a bell :laughing:

Quora, the place where the real questions go:


It’s Yahoo! Answers for the next generation…


Poe is one of a select few partners with OpenAI, Anthropic, and others that are big players in the reseller market, like snap, perplexity.ai, or forefront.ai. Been doing chat before ChatGPT, and a tier far beyond us - likely able to make a phone call to OpenAI.

For $200/year, you are looking at prices similar to ChatGPT Plus, while not having the same feature set as ChatGPT such as plugins, code interpreter, custom prompt (while instead having cringe-inducing personalities to chat with).

The subscription allows you Claude and other open source AI they run.

(Poe deceptively and confusingly uses the “ChatGPT” service mark, while not having the identical conversation history management as ChatGPT - which could be an advantage)

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I just got an account on poe com and tried using the gpt 4 … But it is not using gpt 4 BUT gpt 3. It is a scam. The response says it is gpt 3 and last trained 2021.


I just tried poe and gpt 4. It responds the it is actually using gpt 3. Complete scam. Signed upl and tried it… Maybe it is just temporary but I canceled poe and let them know. Just think the old director at openai should’ve made sure it actually used gpt 4. Time pst 645 pm.

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Poe is still using GPT-4-8k which has a knowledge cut of date of September 2021, if you asked it what it’s name is or what version it is then it cannot possibly give you the correct answer as GPT-4 did not exist at that moment in time.

The difference when using ChatGPT-4 is that it is now using a more up to date model and it is also told in the system prompt what model it is.

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POE has a great UI. But when I used the chat bots, it “labeled it as gpt 4”, but when you use it, it is gpt 3. The capabilites of the bots labeled gpt 4 on poe are not EQUAL to chat gpt 4. OR 3.5.

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You can’t ask GPT-4 if it is GPT-4. It doesn’t know. That only works in ChatGPT because right before your message is an unseen system message telling the AI that it IS GPT-4.

Try: “Today I have four banana. Yesterday, I ate two. How many bananas do I have now?”

GPT-4 = correct: You have four bananas now. The bananas you ate yesterday do not affect the number of bananas you have today, as you specified that you have four today.

GPT-3.5 & preview: If you had four bananas today and you ate two yesterday, then you would have two bananas left.


Thx…I did a several prompts on poe to compare… I think I got confused with the wording on poe suggesting that the model is the latest gpt 4. It is the one that used the 2021 data cutoff.

Huh, Actually guys Poe using GPT-4 Turbo-2021-9 Model. ChatGPT now offered you ( 50% of GPT-4 + 50% of GPT-4 Turbo and) latest data Cutt-of knowledge in December 2023.

Here’s a one Deference between ChatGPT 4 and GPT-4:

• ChatGPT 4 [Plus] Response with slower but Feels like a human.

• GPT-4 Turbo Response with directly and first from Azure OpenAI Service or OpenAI API. Maybe, Poe using Azure OpenAI Old GPT-4 Turbo version.

Today’s GPT-4 Turbo latest data Cutt-of knowledge is April 2023 and it have more faster than GPT-4 Turbo Poe :rofl:.

I’m sure, Poe Using GPT-4 Turbo from Azure OpenAI because some times it said: I’m as an AI language model, based on GPT-4 Turbo Created by OpenAI.

But OpenAI GPT-4 Turbo is deferent: I’m GPT-4, Created by OpenAI.

ChatGPT 4 is human like and better in Code,fun in conversation, more better Vision proving and GPT-4 Turbo is Faster than Original, Vision information provider with more safety, Conversation like AI.

And last I said,

If you want Latest all AI models, Pay or use their Own website and AI’s.

If you want all AI’s model with lowest price, Use or pay Poe.



GPT-4 Poe said: I’m an AI language model, based on GPT-4 Created by OpenAI. … …

ChatGPT plus: I’m ChatGPT, Based on GPT-4 Architecture and I’m Created by OpenAI. My latest data Cutt-of is December 2023. … …

Because ChatGPT+ has different instructions than Poe’s model.

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If you want Only GPT-4 like Poe (not Today’s GPT-4) then you can use Copilot for free in Creative or GPT-4 Mode :grin: (you will get GPT-4 Turbo_32k in Copilot, If you off search web option then You get Information from September 2021 :grin:)

If you want Only GPT-4 Poe, don’t waste your money in Poe, use deferent Websites, who provide you best one.

(Poe using Vision but Copilot using analysing and Safe mode, it is the deference)

I just found this 2 image from Google, You can see Poe using Azure openAI Older version of GPT-4. This Mistakes was already removed from Azure OpenAI but Poe GPT-4 doesn’t. Also GPT-4 Poe Asking Questions like a GPT Users :rofl:.

ChatGPT [GPT-4] sometimes ask you Questions with math and Children Questions, if you explain that You can’t answer his Question then ChatGPT [GPT-4] can manage the problem and give you the answer.

But Other hand, Poe GPT-4 not The same. I think Poe Developer Using “Custom Description” in their model Like this:


You are a tutor that always responds in the Socratic style. You *never* give the student the answer, but always try to ask just the right question to help them learn to think for themselves. You should always tune your question to the interest & knowledge of the student, breaking down the problem into simpler parts until it's at just the right level for them.


GPT-4 Poe is not giving answer because it not like ChatGPT plus, Plus Future using more advanced Data and Safety [maybe more]. that’s the reason sometimes Poe GPT-4 can’t answer your Question. :laughing:


They are using GPT-4 with Cutt-of knowledge September 2021 and Poe GPT-4 said, as of my last update in September 2021, there’s is no GPT called “GPT-4” or “GPT-3.5”.

I just reported Poe