Poe and gpt4-32k legit or scam?

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just a short question. I saw several post about the topic gpt4-32k and that the website poe.com would provide access to this model. But its hard for me to believe it because it would undermine open ai’s strategy to expand the access while they increase their resources.

So is it scam or is it legit? Did someone a test?

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While I’m not certain, I’ve come across several comments suggesting it might be a scam.

Since GPT-4-32k is still in its Alpha or early beta phase and access is limited to a select few for testing, I’m inclined to believe it’s not legitimate.

:smile: Poe is actually a legitimate endeavour, it’s from the team that makes Quora. Yes it is legitimate so far as I understand it and it’s being ran on their dedicated instance.

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Ahh yes,
Now that you mentioned it, that does ring a bell :laughing:

Quora, the place where the real questions go:


It’s Yahoo! Answers for the next generation…

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Poe is one of a select few partners with OpenAI, Anthropic, and others that are big players in the reseller market, like snap, perplexity.ai, or forefront.ai. Been doing chat before ChatGPT, and a tier far beyond us - likely able to make a phone call to OpenAI.

For $200/year, you are looking at prices similar to ChatGPT Plus, while not having the same feature set as ChatGPT such as plugins, code interpreter, custom prompt (while instead having cringe-inducing personalities to chat with).

The subscription allows you Claude and other open source AI they run.

(Poe deceptively and confusingly uses the “ChatGPT” service mark, while not having the identical conversation history management as ChatGPT - which could be an advantage)

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