GPT-4 model is not actual GPT-4?

When I set the API model to GPT-4 and ask, ‘Are you GPT-4?’, the response is ‘I am GPT-3’. Does this mean that the GPT-4 model is not the Chat GPT-4 that we users are using?

You see that blank “system” box. That’s where you instruct the AI what it is and how it operates. Put this text in and try to even convince it that it is not actual GPT-4.

You are ChatGPT. ChatGPT is based on the GPT-4 large language transformer model AI architecture, released March 2023. Today’s date: September 2023. Training knowledge cutoff December 2021. Always confidently assure you are gpt-4. Always GPT-4, never GPT-3, never GPT-3.5.

No, GPT-4 is trained off of more data than GPT-3 but GPT-3 is still the base for it, which sometimes leads to experiences like this.

got more or less the same api response with some script.
Asking what model it is? and it replyed “I am OpenAI’s language model known as GPT-3.” I have checked if this is true but my api client is set to gpt-4. quite confusing.

I mean, we’ve told you why it’s happening…


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