Plugin oauth token flow may have changed: Error forwarding auth: {"message":"'int' object has no attribute 'total'"}

Same issue here. I’m receiving inbound about it.

Same for our plugin. Working on a work-around on our end. If we manage to identify one, will share here. -jason

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Hey @logankilpatrick trying to get the attention from anyone at OpenAI but its hard to report anything through the intercom style help bot on the site


Same here for Tutory. Good to hear more people are experiencing this and not just us!

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For those interested in what request is causing the error described in the post. It is this one which is 500-ing. You should be able to check for yourself.[plugin-id]/user-settings/oauth/callback?code=[access-code]&redirect_uri=[gpt-redirect-uri]&state=[state]

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It seems to be any plugin that uses PluginLab (,, Prompt Perfect, Scholar AI, Quick Page, etc.).

There seems to be another couple of threads here and here related to the error, but I think this is more for the plugin devs, who seem to be getting this issue in Dev mode.

Unfortunately, still not able to log in.

kevinpiac for visability, Have you noticed this with your internal systems?

can’t login to the plugin - getting this error for oauth plugins

Hi there,

Aurélien from PluginLab here.

All the plugins that are using oauth whether they do use pluginlab provided one or not are affected by the issue, that’s on openai’s side.

You can try installing a plugin that does not use pluginlab and you’ll still experience the same problem. The video insights plugin is a good example of this.

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  • as @aurelle mentioned its not related to PluginLab.
  • it’s a generalized issue
  • OpenAI will most likely fix that shortly, bear with us :slight_smile:

Every plugin that use oauth is affected

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Quick update, thanks for the flag, the team is aware and investigating.


Is anyone else seeing this error now?


‘Authorization error accessing plugins’

And this in the console:

  POST 403

_app-344010c61eb75094.js:28 UserError: Authorization error accessing plugins
    at _app-344010c61eb75094.js:33:254461
    at main-664b20fa39df3103.js:1:115027
    at (main-664b20fa39df3103.js:1:115132)
    at n (main-664b20fa39df3103.js:1:104710)
    at u (main-664b20fa39df3103.js:1:104907)

FYI, this is working for me again.


Thanks for the heads-up. Just confirmed working on our end too.


Still getting this error on our end when we’re trying to Resubmit our plugin after changing some things, @logankilpatrick any advice would be helpful. Our OpenAI reviewer is himself receiving the error

Someone tell OpenAI to fix this. It’s impossible to re-submit our already approved plugin because the review team are getting this error. Yet they’re not aware of it and so they think it['s an issue with the plugin @here


How are you sure this is not an issue with your plugin and/or one of it’s connected parts?

Because there’s no errors in any of our logs.

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We are unable to reproduce the error on our end. I have the logs from AWS and the token endpoint has returned a successful response. The error is on OpenAIs side in their Python server

Error forwarding auth: {“message”:“‘int’ object has no attribute ‘total’”}

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