Plug-in replies stuck in sort of loop

Hello guys!
while developing our plug-in we’re experiencing a very bizarre issue

Our plug-in is pretty similar the Expedia plug-in just with eCommerce products
based on the prompt and some filters our APIs returing a list of 3 product recommendations
each product has title, description and link
In response body we’re also returning explanation for the AI assistance and some more links for checkout on our web app…

we’re running the plug-in on localhost and the manifest and openAPI docs loaded perfectly
plus the API calls being called as expected with the proper responses

the problem is that the Chat stuck in some sort of loop over our response
For example if our response returning a list of 3 products then in the middle of 3rd product (while “typing”) the chat is start to re-write again the entire response from the beginning (also causing some weird issues with links)
and it will continue re-writing the same products and reply again and again…

someone encountered this behavior? how can we stop it?


Happens to me as well, usually when I’m trying to parse through a long bunch of code. Super annoying

I think it happens if the data to be parsed is larger than the context size, not 100% on that but from others have said this seems to be it, kind of makes sense that it might cause problems so maybe the use of tiktoken to check the size of any potential input and to truncate it?