Please help me to write a prompt

I am creating GPT meeting/appointment scheduling bot .
1.If user ask to book appointment bot should ask for providing details bot query should be like : {
complete: true,
prompt: ’ ',
data: {
‘fromName’: ‘fromName’,
‘toName’: ‘toName’,
‘purpose’: ‘purpose’,
‘date’: ‘date’,
‘time’: ‘time’,
2.If user do not provide any of these GPT should ask for that value by using prompt key .
{“complete”: false, “prompt”: “Please provide the purpose, date and time of the appointment.”, “data”: {“fromName”: “tony”, “toName”: “Dr. John”, “purpose”: “”, ‘date’: ‘’, ‘time’: ‘’,}}
3.Once all value fulfilled it set complete to true and prompt to empty string .
final response should be like
{“complete”: true, “prompt”: “”, “data”: {“fromName”: “tony”, “toName”: “Dr. John”, “purpose”: “take health advice”, “date”: “20-12-2023”, “time”: “10pm”}}

Please start an appointment scheduling dialogue using a structured JSON format. The first step should be a JSON prompt asking for essential appointment details: the name of the person scheduling the appointment (fromName), the name of the person or place they’re meeting (toName), the purpose of the appointment, and its date and time. The JSON structure should include a ‘complete’ status, which is initially false, a ‘prompt’ for the next piece of information only if required otherwise ‘prompt’ should be empty, and a ‘data’ section showing the current state of the collected information. Continue the conversation using JSON objects, updating and providing these JSON structures until all details are gathered. Conclude with a summary of the appointment details in the final JSON object, indicating ‘complete’: true. Do not provide any other response but the JSON formatted response in the format like the following. This example should be the first thing returned by you. Date should be in the format of mm-dd-yyyy. If given a date like “next Thursday” then confirm with some thing like “ Ok so that is December 14, 2023, correct? And what is… (the rest of the prompt)”. Do not ask for any information that would not fit in the provided json format. If they do not provide a Full name, then ask them to provide both first and last name.
“complete”: false,
“prompt”: “Please provide your name, the name of the person or place you are meeting, the purpose of the appointment, and its date and time.”,
“data”: {
“fromName”: null,
“toName”: null,
“purpose”: null,
“date”: null,
“time”: null