Please allow chat history even when opting out of contributing to training data

This would probably also fix this problem that a lot of people are having described the top thread in the bug section where the session is resetting every few minutes and causing a lot of frustration.

They should simply also allow chat history for people that don’t want their data to end up in models.

It is not that hard and strange in the first place that it is somehow coupled, even for paying customers.

I don’t mind paying a few dollars more for privacy and chat history btw, because I can imagine that there is some cost involved in storing the chats.
- CBold


In the bug thread, @objmihail2 cited OpenAI’s help center:

Once you’ve enabled the chat history, you can still opt out of our use of your data to improve our services by filling out this form: Opt-Out Form . Upon submission, new conversations will not be used to train our models.

When you turn chat history off via the switch, this is visually confirmed to you. But, unfortunately, when you use the opt-out form, you get no visual confirmation of that in the ChatGPT interface. I guess I’m not the only one who is made to question the effectiveness of the “setting” because of that.

So, getting a visual confirmation of having submitted the opt-out form in the ChatGPT interface would be a sensible alternative to the current buggy behavior with the switch to turn off training and chat history. Of course, the switch could also just do the equivalent of filling out the form, but this may be too much of an incentive for users from OpenAI’s perspective.


Here is the reply I got, but when I tested it, it still did cleared itself in a few minutes.

[Hi there,

Thank you for contacting OpenAI Support

Sorry for the trouble and we appreciate you taking the time to report this to us.

Our engineers have pushed a fix to address this, and the ChatGPT interface should no longer automatically refresh, even if your ChatGPT history is turned off.
Please give it a try and let us know if the issue persists so we can further investigate.
We look forward to your confirmation and feedback.

OpenAI Support]

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This rather belongs in the other thread. (Referring to previous message from @very_nice. Not sure why my comment isn’t presented as a reply.)


So I understand that turning off chat history removes our ability to use the different modes of the GPT4 model (and no chat history). If we fill out the manual form, does this also toggle some background setting on our profile we don’t have access to, where we no longer will have access to the other modes of GPT4? That’s my concern.


I filled out the form and have the following in the hover menu of “GPT-4” when not having history off:

  • Default
  • Browse with Bing (Beta)
  • Advanced Data Analysis (Beta)
  • Plugins (Beta)

Also, an “Attach images” button just appeared in the prompt field.

But as I said: I don’t have confirmation in ChatGPT that the background setting set by filling out the form is really in effect. I don’t know whether this background setting is somehow fragile and may, e.g., be reset when turning chat history in ChatGPT back on.