Playground stop generating output and have to write continue


I’m using Trubo model in the playground and it always stop generating output and I have to write continue.
How to solve this?


Ensure that the token limit is at maximum, 2048, and then ask for a “verbose” output, note that the system will not generate output over the maximum token length in one go.

Already maximum token is 2048 and the still the same problem

If the maximum in one go is 2048, how did they generate 7000 words article?

There is no GPT Model that can generate an average of 7000 words, the GPT-4 8k model can generate an average of 6000 words, so until the 32k model becomes public, that is your limit.

I have an ai writer works with OpenAI API and it generates 6000 words article with turbo model.
How that works?

My guess would be be multiple calls to the API

Do you mean for example a call for each heading or so?
But does the output, in this case, will be coherent?

Yes, if you craft the prompts carefully and logically you can pass overarching context to all calls and give requests for specialised local information, so you could have a back story maintained across all prompts and then heading/chapter/paragraph prompts appended to that for each call, that way you keep important information logically consistent.