Playground: persistent-storage housekeeping & maintenance

Noticing lots of changes for the better with the playground recently and am thankful to OpenAI staff for being attentive to the feedback on the user forum. I’ve personally made great strides as a novice user too, thanks to this forum.

Regarding documents uploaded to persistent storage referred to as “/mnt/data”, Firstly I have minimized my usage of .pdfs, instead now creating .jsonl files for upload. That has been a big positive.

Here is the issue, it’s minor but:

In optimizing my jsonl files it means I have uploaded multiple version of the same jsonl to /mnt/data - so today I went in and deleted the duplicate files, older versions.

Now when using playground, It’s left the display on the left showing mostly, file id’s such as “file-OEn7NsZIBLHxolJ76mx9HwiJ” instead of the original names of the files as I uploaded them, or as currently displayed in the “Storage” tab. Additionally, duplicate files show, which are no longer duplicates.

What is the the plan or method for refreshing the “/mnt/data” contents display while using playground, after someone has diligently cleaned up their file system mess, to reflect the actual files now resident in persistent storage? These files are correctly displayed in the “Storage” tab. Logging out and back in does not refresh.

Photo attached: