Uploaded file always named "file"

I’m getting this as well, could anyone from OpenAI please help?

I updated a file like this:
response = openai.File.create(file=open(“train.jsonl”, “rb”), purpose=‘fine-tune’)

and when I list file, the filename always called “file”, this will cause the later uploads overwrite the previous one, and eventually I can only have 1 file uploaded.

  "bytes": 209,
  "created_at": 1676821064,
  "filename": "file",
  "id": "file-j6lzVv4YmAd3brhflWerxyBt",
  "object": "file",
  "purpose": "fine-tune",
  "status": "uploaded",
  "status_details": null

Could anyone from OpenAI look into this?


Usually same filenames can be uploaded. If you were to run the list Files command, it would show you that even though filename can be same, the id will uniquely identify every file.

Here’s a look at my file storage on OpenAI’s cloud:

Thanks, I have the same result. the problem is why it won’t show the real filename? when the file numbers accumulated, we forget which is which. Is there a way to show the real name instead of just “file”?