Pin or Favorite Chats in ChatGPT

GOAL we want to achieve:

To enhance user experience by allowing users to pin or favorite important chats, making them easily accessible for future reference. This feature is similar to the “favorite” or “pin” functionality in Skype, helping users keep their most important conversations at their fingertips.

HOW we could do it:

  1. Add a Pin/Favorite Button: Integrate a button within each chat interface that allows users to pin or favorite a chat. This button could be placed next to the chat title or in the chat options menu.

  2. Create a Pinned/Favorites Section: Develop a dedicated section at the top of the chat list or in a separate tab where all pinned or favorited chats are displayed. This ensures quick access without cluttering the main chat list.

  3. User Notifications: Notify users of the new feature and provide a brief tutorial or tooltips on how to use the pin or favorite function effectively.


  1. Improved User Productivity: Users can quickly locate and return to important conversations, reducing time spent searching through chat histories.

  2. Enhanced User Satisfaction: Offering a customizable chat experience with the ability to prioritize important discussions will likely lead to higher user satisfaction and engagement.

  3. Competitive Advantage: Implementing this feature can make ChatGPT more competitive against other platforms like Skype, attracting users who value organizational tools and efficiency.

Integrating the ability to pin or favorite chats would significantly enhance the usability and appeal of ChatGPT, aligning with user needs for better conversation management.


You might want to check out Pinnable ChatGPT extension for that. Not a native feature, but better than nothing