Pin ChatGPT conversations in web version

I believe the quality of life of using the web version of ChatGPT can significantly improve by enabling us to pin important conversations to the top (above the “Today” label, for example).

I found I am often struggling to find some previous important conversations with GPT, and in addition to Pin functionality, would it be possible to manage groups of conversations with categories? For example “Work”, “Personal”, “Job hunting”, etc.?


Hey there!

While there’s still many improvements to be made when it comes to good ways to organize conversations, it is possible to archive them. It isn’t perfect, but it’s better than nothing in terms of keeping and storing specific conversations. Trust me, I want categories too. I think we all do.

The best trick I’ve made for myself in terms of “pinning” a convo is renaming a conversation with a star emoji at the beginning of the title. It’s my unofficial way of “favoriting” conversations in a way that makes it quick and easy to ID. Also note, If you re-enter the conversation (or perhaps even just rename it), it should bump up the conversation to the top. You might need to add a query, but again, combining those tricks does the job with what tools we have available.

Like I said, I understand it’s not exactly what you’re asking for, but I still think it’s better than nothing, and may help you.

Be careful though, don’t get become too over reliant on lengthy conversations. There’s a balance for sure, but the more context that’s added to a conversation, the harder it becomes for an AI to pay attention and not mix up things from earlier points in the conversation. Most people actually have the opposite problem, whereby they don’t prompt enough to get what they want, so I’d imagine that’s why it’s not a feature just yet. That being said, I have seen the other end of the spectrum, where the length is just too much, and you end up bloating your context window.

This is such obvious and omitted functionality, surely OAI are working on this, including grouping into Folders. Essentially, we need Bookmarks akin to Browser favourites.

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I just created a chrome extension to pin chat replies within a conversation.

Apparently can’t share links here but if you search “PinGPT” in the chrome store you can find it.

v2 will allow pinning conversations (left sidebar) - coming soon

This is possible with Pinnable ChatGPT extension.

I had exact same problem and wanted to pin chats so that they stay on top of the sidebar for quick access and wrote that extension.

See screenshot: