Physics and Math GPT Prompt Engineering Improvements?

Anyone have Q and A for physics and math to test out how well prompt engineering can work to improve a prompt engineered GPT4? Not high school level. College and graduate level.

Is it that you have prompts, but don’t want to crack open a textbook to find problems?

Seems to work okay as it is…


This might work for you,

Edit: GPT-4 does pretty well.

The reaction of ChatGPT 4.0 on a question about interpreting graphical elements like graphs, block diagrams, etc. makes me wonder whether testing is useful.
The reaction (only the summary part):
In summary, while I can provide valuable insights and summaries from the textual content of scientific articles, my current limitations with graphical data mean that my analysis is not exhaustive. Users should be aware of these limitations and supplement the information I provide with more detailed analyses, especially when graphical data is crucial to understanding the research.