Philosophy students hoping to reach OpenAI employee for project

We are 4 students of Applied Philosophy at Aalborg University Denmark, who wish to write about AI in our course on political philosophy.
We have written an email to their researcher access account but would like to know if that is the correct place to reach OpenAI?

I have pasted the email below.

Any and all help would be appreciated greatly.

"In the hopes of mutual benefit: We have a proposition.

We are 4 students of Applied Philosophy from Aalborg University, Denmark, who just started generating ideas and formulating the problem we wish to discuss in our project in political philosophy. The project is 60 pages and is due June 5th, it is our hope to start as soon as possible.

We are going to write about the implementation of AI in existing and future jobs. We have a tenured Professor of Applied Philosophy as our counselor.

Our goal is to analyze, discuss and hopefully contribute to answering on what ground AI laws can and/or should be made. Currently we are debating these cases:

  1. Justice in the implementation of AI in jobs - If there is a bigger output, who gets the benefit in pay and/or reduction in working hours? Here we discussed making the case from a libertarian and marxist perspective, to get both extremes of ideology.

  2. Contractualism: If all working contracts are based on a world with LLPs and the hypothetical AGI, are they all invalid? We argue that it may change white collar jobs as much as the industrial revolution changed blue collar jobs, because it changes the tools workers use. However the white collar tools are different because it is the same hardware but different software. What is just?

These are our current considerations, but we are more than willing to change focus and/or adjust in favor of working with you. You have greater insight in which problems are most relevant and current.

Our proposition is as follows:

If you help us find a political philosophical problem in AI that is current and/or pressing, then we will write a 60 page project that clarifies the relevant philosophical positions in order to analyze, discuss and evaluate the problem you helped define.

We hope that you see this as an opportunity to investigate one of your current and/or pressing political philosophical problems and to help future philosophers better understand a world with AI.

Hopeful regards,
[Removed for anonymity]"

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