Pay-as-you-go Chat + image Discord bot for your server

Softbox is a pay-as-you-go Discord bot running gpt-3.5-turbo and dalle-2 for image generation.

Bot will give new users $ 1 for testing, after that you can buy with stripe using /buy command. starts from $ 1 up to $ 10.

Join: Discord

Collaboration mechanism between users is not available in current version, bot will respond to both users if asked in same time however context is not adjusted on this situation, so it is recommended to use private category and channel for 1 to 1 Human - Bot conversation.

How to use

The name of channel could represent the idea or subject of the conversation i.e. art.

The conversation is about art or artists and instead of having all the options and ideas on one stripe of text, if threads are employed than the conversation can go into “in-depth” mode.

You can elaborate more on topic in threads.

By doing this, you will gain organized conversation in channel and in future you can continue in context from already developed idea. Once you want to move on, close thread and continue in main channel and create new thread about different artist.

Generate prompts with chat and visualize with /image command.
See more in EXAMPLES category.

I’ve been drawing a picture for 10 minutes, but I haven’t finished yet