Part of conversation suddenly Missing

Hi all,
Yesterday I noticed that almost half of a lengthy conversation I had with chatGPT is missing. To be clear i’m able to load the conversation itself, but around 20 of the last few messages seem to have suddenly disappeared.

When asking chatGPT if it remembers about the specific missing parts of the conversation, it does seem to recall them, but those parts juts don’t show up in the conversation history.
Has anyone else experienced this?

Hi, I encountered this very same problem today and wanted to know, if there’s anything I can do to fix it. Although ChatGPT seems not to remember any of the missing parts. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m having the same issue. About an hour’s worth of messages have disappeared from the conversation. These messages were from the app. Neither the app nor the browser have the missing messages.

Also encountered the same issue today and would like to recover them. The conversation started about a month ago but there are messages missing from the last week.