Paraphrasing texts with GPT-3 is a big problem

Paraphrasing texts with GPT-3 is a big problem - even with a well formulated prompt.

  1. if I try to rewrite a text that consists of several sentences, then at most the first two sentences are rewritten reasonably. All other following sentences are in principle identical with the original sentences.
  2. one solution would be to pass each sentence individually to the prompt. However, the API allows only one request per second and thus the rewriting of longer texts would take a lot of time.

How do you do that? How do you rewrite longer texts in a good quality?

I’ve created a function to split the text in chunks. so that way you can split your text and send 5 or 10 sentences per request to paraphrase. it will lose the formating, but at least the paraphrasing works properly.

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