Paid Plus user not able to access

Hey so I’m paying for a Plus account and OpenAI says I should get access even at peak times, but I’m seeing this error and not able to log in.

This feels a lot like fraud.

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There’s currently an outage posted on their status page

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Settle down.

Websites have issues all the time for a variety of reasons.

If this “feels a lot like fraud” to you, then I suspect you don’t have any real experience with actual fraud.

Consider it as a donation, it does not grant you any special priorities. >:/

They sell the $20/month membership, and one of the selling points is that paying customers still get access when the servers are busy.

That’s not happening, which makes it a deceptive business practice at best.

Now I’m getting the “too busy” message with an option to get a special login link for laid members, but that ALSO does not work.

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There has been a widespread system outage this morning.

Your first step when there are issues should always be to check,

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Actually it is supposed to.

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Unfortunately being part of the Plus membership program will not allow access to servers that are down due to an issue that is being fixed.

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“General access” does not mean “Guaranteed 100% uptime”

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I’ve been having this problem every morning this week. I’m paying for this service; if the service isn’t provided, I should get my money back.