Paid for Plus plan, but model GPT-4 act same as GPT-3

Hi everybody,

I update my account on to PLUS, but nothing changes in the usage of the chatbox.

So what is the use of paying 20 dollars monthly if nothing changes?
I feel a bit scammed, if I’m honest.

Because on the website, it is clear that features like analysing images would be available in the paid plan.
Does anybody have the same problem, or am I having bad luck here?

regards Alan

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Same thing:

  1. no changes in main chat interface (with the exception that its now possible to chose gpt4 model, thanks)
  2. no increased character limit, the chat room did not accept a message longer than 2000 symbols let alone 25000, it’s frustrating, why is this?
  3. no changes in playground interface. Moreover playground does not know that I’m having plus account and does not allow to work with images etc

IMPOSSIBLE to get in touch with anybody for openai, pls give some feedback here

it is using GPT 4, if you ask a complex question, you can see the difference

you can try anything but for example from the sample page (no idea if this one is hardcoded but…)

Andrew is free from 11 am to 3 pm, Joanne is free from noon to 2 pm and then 3:30 pm to 5 pm. Hannah is available at noon for half an hour, and then 4 pm to 6 pm. What are some options for start times for a 30 minute meeting for Andrew, Hannah, and Joanne?

also try something like “summarise: url” and it will do it

No, there is definitely something wrong.
See the image.

Paid, but no changes. And support is unreachable as millions of people are playing and I’m sure their mailboxes are full.

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It is possible, given that gpt-4 is currently in limited beta hence not all functionalities have been exposed.

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with url I meant like “summarise: Steve Jobs - Wikipedia” not an image

Ok, I misunderstood. But I still think something is not good. The model also says it is model 3 and not model 4. And it should be able to handle visual inputs.

No problems with that, but due to customer service I must not reach this information in some sort of forum, why is it not on the first page of OpenAI service, why should I search for the info losing 2 hours?

Disappointment with the first impression. I really wanted to try the functionality specified in the promo video. With a light heart I paid and DISAPPOINTED. Now I have to look for information why this happened and when it will be corrected…


same problem here. Feel cheated. They should clearly state that not all functionalities would be operational.


  1. They have the same cutoff date.

  2. GPT-4 doesn’t exist in its training data so it’s unaware of its own existence.

  3. Image input is not yet available.

OpenAI needs to correct its communication about “ChatGPT-4 new features” because even with a Plus subscription it says “Model GPT-4” at the page top but acts like ChatGPT-3.

Why did OpenAI announce what it can’t deliver?
They are turning excited fans into frustrated customers.

Please Altman, make your team work right.

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