Output of images from the QnA knowledge base to the chat bot?

Hello, dear fellow community members! :wave: :wave:

I’m looking for a GPT, an approach, or can be an existing SaaS that is able to display images (not generating but pulling existing images) from the Q&A knowledge base into the chatbot outputs together with the text. Unfortunately GPTs aren’t able currently to output any images that are in the knowledge base and we need this feature. Means, if I have a paragraph about a New Years tree and an image of a NY tree there, I’d need them both in the output.

Maybe someone has any successful experience using markdown format or uploading some specific format. Would also appreciate any suggestion of startups or mature solutions that provide this feature. Thanks! :raised_hands:

Maybe just have it output new_years_tree.jpg as a placeholder then display it on your own? Would need to do it as an Assistant not a Custom GPT.