Output is being repeated (Pain-Agitate-Solution)


Please I need some help.

Given a product or service description, I am trying to have GPT 3 to generate content in this format…


But it repeats outputs for Agitate and Solution…even though they aren’t repeated in the 2 examples I used.

Kindly find a preset I saved with the examples and the output here: OpenAI API

Here’s a screenshot of just the generation and the repeated outputs…

Thanks a mil!

I’d recommend reading our tutorial on prompt design. There are a few things outlined there that you’ll want to implement, including:

  • Providing instructions (there are currently no instructions in your prompt)
  • Having a clear separator (### is recommended instead of the # in your prompt)
  • Only using the needed response length (yours is 150 tokens, while less than half that are needed, which makes extensive repetition possible)
  • Provide multiple stop sequences when needed (in your example, adding “Pain:” in addition to “###” should do, assuming you preface the completion with “Pain:”)
  • Use penalty settings to decrease repetition (yours are currently set to 0)
  • Try other models (e.g. davinci-instruct-beta)

Could you implement these and let me know if you’re still facing any issues?


Thanks a @joey .

Because of your post I used the Davinci Instruct to produce better outputs by just telling it what I want – without examples: OpenAI API

Please I don’t really understand how Stop Sequences work. Could you kindly explain it to me or point me to where to read up more on it.


You can see a field called “Stop Sequences” on the right side of the Playground. Here, you can add any characters that, if generated, will act as a “stop sequence” to stop the API from continuing to generate.

Screenshot 2021-08-09 at 12.29.43

For example, by adding the stop sequence of “Pain:”, the completion can’t go on to generate another “Pain:” statement.

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Thanks @joey .

However, the Stop Sequence doesn’t seem to work for me as you’ve mentioned: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

I don’t what I missed.

For example, by adding the stop sequence of “Pain:”, the completion can’t go on to generate another “Pain:” statement.

I used “Agitate” instead and it doesn’t get printed at all, not even once.

Thanks and best regards. Really appreciate your assistance.

Yes, if you use “Agitate:”, then it can’t generate “Agitate:” - that’s the point of a stop sequence.

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