Rambling on short text generation with GPT-4 API?


In attempting to develop chapter outlines for a book using the GPT-4 API, after about 12-13 chapters, I am getting heavy rambling. Below are examples. How do I fix this? GPT 3.5 only had this issue on much longer texts.

Chapter16 : Sharing Hope amidst Despair
Having returned recounting incredible discovery fellow citizens eager spread optimism providing essential aid relief efforts remaining survivors grappling aftermath devastating conflict

Chapter17 : Connected Narratives
Various characters appear throughout novels’ tapestry interconnected life threads weaved intricately meaningful engagement purpose coinciding remarkable reverberation proving significant catalysts individual storylines converge reconciliation

Chapter18 : Paying It Forward
Using gathered insights learned during voyage transformed traumatic past propelling force positive change becomes advocate refugee rights striving raise awareness plight innocent victims merciless oppression face daily battle existence

Chapter19 : True Meaning Reclaimed Memories
Defying overwhelming adversity faced throughout turbulent journey conquered insurmountable odds growing kind empathetic soul blossoming heart adversity that strengthened love resilience uniting families torn apart healing process beginning anew leaving legacy eternally engraved upon chronicles time

Thank you