Our website has been restricted by Open AI

Hello everyone in the Support,

We have noticed that ChatGPT has blocked one of our websites. Whenever we attempt to access the website URL through the OpenAI API, it never returns the desired result and instead displays a “Site Restricted” error. We kindly request your assistance in lifting this ban so that we can once again utilize the OpenAI API with our domain seamlessly.

Your help in resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support.

I don’t have an answer but noticed that you missed a few key things.

  1. What is the returned error code.
  2. Are you sure it is ChatGPT and not one of the providers along the way like Cloudflare?

Yes that error is from OpenAI API, I tried my best every other domain content things working fine, but for specific domain, it return an error or sometime it return a token limit error (This model’s maximum context length is 4097 tokens)

See the image below

I did not see a “Site Restricted” error in the posted error.

Sorry but can’t help further.

ca you check my above image what that image error showing?

As it notes

This model’s maximum context length is 4097 tokens, however your requested 7008 tokens (6008 in your prompt; 1000 for the completion).

You need to make the prompt smaller or use a model that accepts enough tokens.

As I don’t use the API regularly can’t give more information as it would only be speculation.

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