Organizing Chats into Directories or Folders

My name is Enrico, I am an architect from Turin and a regular user of ChatGPT. I would like to propose the implementation of a new feature that could significantly enhance the user experience: the ability to organize conversations into directories or folders.

Currently, I find it very useful to save and review my conversations with ChatGPT for various professional and personal purposes. However, the lack of an integrated organization system makes it difficult to manage and quickly access previous conversations.

Here are some specific features that could be beneficial:

  1. Folder Creation: The ability to create custom folders to organize conversations based on projects, themes, or categories.

  2. Labeling: A system of labels or tags to facilitate the search and grouping of conversations.

  3. Advanced Search: Advanced search functionality that allows users to easily find conversations based on keywords, dates, or labels.

  4. Archiving: An option to archive less recent or less relevant conversations, keeping the main interface clean and orderly.

  5. Synchronization and Backup: The ability to synchronize organized chats with cloud storage services for backup and access from different devices.

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