Options for APIs that require a key in the URL as a parameter?


I’m trying to use the the openweathermap API and it requires the api key as a request parameter named appid. I’ve seen that the best way is to create a gaeway for it. WHat’s the best way to do that?

Or, is there a low-cost/secure gateway that I can use? Secure as in it’s known that they don’t reap the API keys and reuse/resell them?

Or is there a way to to a POST instead of a GET, assuming the POST won’t reveal the API key?

I’m surprised this isn’t built-in and easy to do, especially since this type of API is very common.



You can get help from Actions GPT.

It’s a nice GPT made by OpenAI, but it’s a bit error-prone.

It’s a lot like one I’m building. :slight_smile:

However, it exhibits the same problem:

  • in: query
    name: appid
    required: true
    type: string
    description: Your unique API key (You can find it in your account settings on the OpenWeatherMap website).

You have to specify the appid in the request. So if anyone clicks on the request parameters thing, they will see the API key. That’s what I’m trying to avoid.

Right now, I think the only way to do this without building a relay somewhere is to have an intermediary between the GPT and the API. But I was hoping there was another way.

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For those who have the same problem, here’s what I did: I created a webhook on Make.com and pointed the GPT to that webhook. The webhook injects the API key in the URL and calls the API. It’s kind of a kludge, but it works.