OpenAPI parser issue when all parsers say it's fine - PATCH endpoint

Hello plugin developers,

I am trying to add a new path to my OpenAPI spec to support a PATCH method call.
The request is following the JSON Patch standard.

Body should be of the form

  { "op": "replace", "path": "/baz", "value": "boo" },
  { "op": "add", "path": "/hello", "value": ["world"] },
  { "op": "remove", "path": "/foo" }

But when I load the spec into the plugin I get the following error.

In path /forms/{form_id}, method patch, operationId patchform, request body schema is not an object schema; skipping
In path /forms/{form_id}, method patch, operationId patchform, skipping function due to errors

The spec

	"/forms/{form_id}": {
		"patch": {
			"description": "Updates an existing form.",
			"summary": "Update form (patch)",
			"tags": [
			"operationId": "patchform",
			"parameters": [{
				"description": "Unique ID for the form.",
				"in": "path",
				"name": "form_id",
				"required": true,
				"schema": {}
			"requestBody": {
				"content": {
					"application/json": {
						"schema": {
							"description": "Request the user submits to partially update a form.",
							"items": {
								"properties": {
									"op": {
										"type": "string",
									"path": {
										"enum": [
										"type": "string"
									"value": {
										"type": "string"
								"required": [
								"type": "object"
							"type": "array"
				"required": false
			"responses": {
				"204": {
					"content": {},
					"description": "No content"

Vacuum linter does not throw any error accepts it too.

Could you see what’s wrong?

It would be great to know the rules the plugin linter is following

I had the same error, also with passing schema validations.
I solved it by changing the endpoint to accept one element instead of a list.
I guess the parser does not hadle arrays for some reason.

this is an OpenAI Actions bug in my opinion, since array-type requests are valid in OpenAPI and commonly used.

I have contacted the support with this issue.