Openai whisper API connection error despite good internet connection

I have my Nodejs backend that’s making a call to whisper API. I use the call.

However, I repeatedly get the same error stating “Openai API Error: connection error”. All my api calls have failed even though they previously worked. I have even switched internet providers but still encountered the exact same error.

I have even gone to an extent of intentionally giving the wrong API credentials yet this time the error rightly stated that I had used wrong credentials. So I’m wondering why the connection error I every consistent.

Is there something that has changed?

Not the fastest 5k I’ve ever received over the internet, but the API seems to be working fine.

transcription =
    file=audio_file, # a flac, mp3, mp4, mpeg, mpga, m4a, ogg, wav, webm
    language="en",   # ISO code
    prompt="Welcome to our radio show.",  # lead-up to input audio
    response_format="json",  # also text, srt, verbose_json, or vtt