OpenAI telling me where exactly I made a mistake in my math equation

I think it will be great if I solve a simple numerical (whether it’s Math or Finance or Simulation), and AI tells me where I have done the mistake.

Making OpenAI more dynamic than what limited scope it has at the moment.

The idea is simple:

  • AI reads the “plain text” screenshot of a note that I paste in “playground”.
  • AI notice the 3rd step of my answer I did “2+2=5” instead of “2+2=4”.
  • AI answer my original question which was, “What I have done wrong?”
  • Happy Ending.

A tricky part is whether AI can self-learn complex mathematical models or financial equations, in order to help the user whether his/her answer is right/wrong and in which part/section he/she did the mistake.

A must-have handyman for every student.

Note: This is NOT “do my homework” approach what I’m looking for. Instead what I’m asking is, AI to read my homework and help me if there is a mistake in my solution. You see the homework is already DONE.

Student teaching AI. AI teaching students. Both come into play in this act.