Constant Mathematical Errors

For me I have gotten incorrect sums for mathematical problems, equations, and even written problems about 100% of the time Ive tried. I believe things like “complex maths” and other educational subjects (statistics, calculus, stocks, business math) should have correct answers that break down and tell you how to actually get the right answer, which would in turn teach you. I understand its ai and not human, but its done such amazing things I find it hard to believe this is impossible. I completely believe you guys could fix this issue, you’d be saving so much people especially students. But keep up with the great work we appreciate you guys! Oh and I also believe more financial education should be teachable by the robot :slight_smile:

They are developing models that are starting to solve International Mathematical Olympiad problems. This is the more cutting edge stuff and very specialized.

Here is a link from OpenAI, but many companies are actively competing in this space. Why? Well to understand mathematical thinking (not just adding or multiplying numbers) in detail could unlock discoveries humans have yet to encounter. So it’s a big deal!


The OpenAI cookbook has some good tips on getting more reliable solutions. For multi-step math problems, prepend the response with “Let’s think step by step:” and accuracy scores shoot up from 18% to a decent 79%!

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