OpenAi plugins vs OpenAi Function Calling

What is the different between OpenAi plugins vs OpenAi Function Calling
I want to know about these things

Good question Iā€™d like to know more details as well. Plugins seem to be complete modules that do a particular thing such as check the weather or connect to wolfram alpha. The difference here is plugins appear to be for their web app, or phone app chatgpt.

Functions can be used to do much of the same things, or exactly the same thing as plugins. However, these can be programmed in a chat completion api call. Their example shows you how to connect a weather api. I played with the example to get it worki my with openweathermap. A function could do pretty much anything a traditional program could do. And the completion will wrap it in natural language.

The next thing I tried with functions was connecting it to google search api, worked great. I also scrape sites using beautifulsoup if I have permission to scrape. (Stats for my game server)

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