OpenAI Platforms for the Aging - in Assist Living or Nursing Homes, or in the House/Apt

I’ll be giving a talk or two in some facilities where aging is a central topic. The facilities range from assisted living clubs to councils on aging. I am seeking low cost solutions that the community can recommend so that I can show these when I give talks. I use AI tools and coding regularly but I confess to not having a clear idea about best platform. The newly released ChatGPT for Mac OS makes me think that a cheap macbook air would do the trick with the ChatGPT left on for interaction. This has the mic/camera/screen that would be useful. I used to code on Pi and Arduino, but that looks perhaps more complicated than necessary. This tech seems perfect for testing out at different places dedicated to aging. Thought on inexpensive platforms?

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Current Skills: Comfortable with AI tools and coding, but lacks platform expertise.
Initial Idea: Using a new MacBook Air with ChatGPT for Mac for interaction (microphone, camera, screen).
Concerns: MacBook Air might be pricier than desired.
Openness: Considers alternatives like Raspberry Pi/Arduino but worries about complexity.

I don’t know about cost, but have you looked at ElliQ?

Nice device and I had not seen this before.

One major issue with the OpenAI app (whether on mobile or Mac) is that it cannot be triggered by voice. For the aging scenario, it would need to be always on (unless easily paused) and the user needs to be able to interrupt it verbally (without pressing anything). The current apps cannot do this.