OpenAI Devday Demo Repo Access

Did OpenAI publish their devday demo repo for the Wanderlust segment?

Interested in checking it out if it’s available


I was looking for the same thing!

It would be awesome to also see the swift app that does streaming to Whisper


+1 looking for the swift app streaming demo. The documentation also does not mention anything about it.


Please give us more documentation and tutoriel to use the threads I struggling since yesterday completly understand how it work and how we can do to make it interact with a web app / site
So please open AI give us respons that will be so greatfull from you

It is a very inspirational app. We created a pure Python version which uses the solara web framework at GitHub widgetti/wanderlust
(I’m not allowed to insert links so you can to correct it, I guess chatgpt could do that for you)

I think it would be good to release the source code of the original app as well, to make sure we did things correctly.


Would love to see the source code for some of the demos. Especially Wanderlust!


I also hacked together a basic re-creation in NextJS using Maarten’s Python/Solara app as inspiration. It can be found at achultman/wanderlust on GitHub, if you’re interested.

Still, it would be great if they made that demo source code public!


This is an amazing replica

I have hacked together another version in NextJS as well. And further enhance it using Google Maps search which can retrieve local businesses data. Check out serpapi/Wander if you are interested.

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I was looking for the same thing!

Hope coming soon

I gave it a try and made a basic implementation in Gradio - see yannael/openai-assistant-wanderlust on Huggingface or Github