OpenAI copies my examples in few shot learning

Hi All,

I am trying to generate a script that talks about specific keywords I mentioned.

Example - (This is not my use case, I am just giving an example)

Talk: Gossip about Elon Musks new car
keywords: Owner of Tesla, Toyota, How

Script: I don't know how the owner of Tesla can buy a Toyota car.
You have a car company and you buy Toyota? Well........

I added some more examples what happens is that when I try to create new generations it gets some words from the examples mentioned above,

For example even though, I don’t add Tesla in keywords it mention’s about Tesla or buying a new car etc…

Without using fine tuning is there anyway I can get totally new generations, where AI is not copying from my examples?

Thanks all!

You’re not giving it enough instructions. Imagine you’re giving a human a full set of instructions of what you want it to produce, and what you want it to do with the keywords. Try that as a prompt instead.