Openai community Design Flaw in Header

This may not neccesary be a design flaw, but why does the button on the header “documentation” leads/links to the “overview” page, maybe the word documentation means something else to the web designer and yet, in the overview page, there is another button in the header “documentation” that links to the actual “doc” page.

I just want to understand the design logic behind that lol, anyone have any ideas?

It does appear to be an interesting choice in website design. It’s possible that the term “documentation” is being used in two different contexts or has multiple meanings within the website. The button leading to the “overview” page could be intended to provide a general introduction or summary of the content, which could be seen as documentation in a broad sense. On the other hand, the second “documentation” button leading to the “doc” page could be more specific, intended to provide a detailed introduction or summary of the content. While this design option may make sense to the site designer, the user experience must also be considered. A important part of web design is ensuring that users can easily find the information they need and that navigation is simple. If the terminology is likely to be confusing for users, it may be worth changing the naming or location of these buttons to improve usability.