OpenAI api keys across Goggle colab & local machine

However, if I use 2 different open ai api keys across Google colab and the local machine, it seems to work fine.

Is this the expected behavior or am I missing something?



It looks like we didn’t get most of your message. Were you having any sort of problem?

An OpenAI API key is the only secret that you need to use to make API calls, which you can make concurrently, and from multiple locations, as long as API calls to OpenAI aren’t originating from an unsupported country.

That’s also a good reason to keep them secured and uses best practices for managing them on a server.

OpenAI has started putting in more divisions between data within “projects”, so you may have some issues if you try to employ the same resources you’ve created if using keys from two different projects (which is sort of like a sub-organization, with some extra limits).

Good Evening, I can’t find my API keys it is so frustrating. Where would I locate them?

Use the dashboard on on the left side marked API keys.

The problem I was running into is that - I need 2 different keys to access OpenAI apis from my local machine and the google colab account.

The same key does not work for both. Hence, my question was that - is this expected behavior or am I missing something?

Thanks for your responses.


Thank you :blush:, sadly I don’t have a a dashboard on my page . I sent in screenshots. I was sent a page with a link. After four hours of trying to communicate.
Again thank you :blush:

My understanding is colab uses google api keys, which is different than openAI api keys. So, different keys and different endpoint URLs being used.

Cool. So you now have a login to get to your dashboard, I hope.