OpenAi API in Docker Container

Chat GPT assures me that I can spin up an instance of the OpenAI API in a docker container.

It goes into great detail to explain how to configure it etc. However, I cannot find a docker image for it anywhere and my gut instinct tells me this is not available. Does anyone know anything for sure about this? Has anyone done it? I want to run the actual API in a docker, not just call the API from a docker.

Classic hallucinations. This is not possible. OpenAI provides API as service, you can’t download it and host on your machine.


Thanks for your comment. Breaks my heart, but I think you’re right.

@konradk is exactly correct.

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Well, it is possible. I just did it. However there is no official image so you’d have to build your own image and run it.
To specify, I’m running Whisper inside a container and able to receive results.

Whisper is a small part of the API. You cannot run GPT locally (docker or otherwise) currently.