OpenAI API endpoint 404 errors exclusive to calls by ChatGPT Actions

I’ve been experimenting with a streamlined version of OpenAI’s Swagger/OpenAPI YAML schema (openai-openapi on OpenAI’s GitHub) as a source document for ChatGPT Actions in the GPT Builder configuration.

The chat completion request endpoint is functional without any particular problem.

However, I have not yet had success with any other endpoint. The response so far is a 404. I have verified my URL and parameters with a GET request. It works as a copy/paste curl command, but the same request with the same parameters and API key sent within moments from ChatGPT results in what is ostensibly a 404 error.

This is not an ideal http code to encounter under these circumstances. It may reflects an unanticipated problem, but if it is expected, I believe that it should be documented on at least the GPTs vs Assistants page if not elsewhere.