OpenAI and Vector DataBase integration

Hey, guys. I just started to learn the LangChain framework and OpenAI integration. Now I was wondering how I can integrate a database to work with OpenAI.

I have a vector database with data to understand my application.

  • How can I set up processes between OpenAI knowledge base and my vector database?

  • What kind of technology should I use?

I would be glad for any advice, useful sources I can consult.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @kainakamura ,
I highly recommend you to start reading LangChain documentation - it’s very easy to read and in most of the cases it has ‘zero code change’ instructions. You can start with understanding how the RAG works, then go through the basics of Vector Stores and start with FAISS or Chroma , which is really few lines of code but once you try it and have some hands-on experience, you’ll be way more confident in these concepts.

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I’d start by watching youtube videos on LangChain. There’s going to be some that explain exactly what you need.

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