Open Sauce Low-Code / No-Code GPT API builder

Hi guys, gals, and kittens - Maybe of interest to you? Generates a CRUD API wrapping your database of choice, and easily integrates into an action. The thing is open sauce (permissive style), but we’re hosting for those not technically savvy enough to understand it at :slight_smile:

We got tired of arguing over price with people who really can’t afford our services. Our services have a starting price of $198 per month, and there’s a reason we charge this. So we started marketing our Open Source and free DIY version as an option when purchasing, in addition to that we’ve created a detailed description of EVERYTHING required to create and maintain your own Magic Cloud installation, allowing you to create as many ChatGPT-based AI chatbots as you wish for free.

The free version is based upon our Open Source codebase. It requires a LOT of technical knowledge, and you still (obviously) need your own server to install the Open Source version - Which starts out at roughly $10 per month at Digital Ocean. In addition you need to spend a lot of time configuring everything to make it secure, stable, etc. It also comes with zero support, but you can probably figure out how to setup everything if you read our Magic Cloud documentation (link below)

Need AI chatbot? Check out ==>

You can try out such a chatbot in the bottom/right corner of the above page …

had a look on your website, and I think I need to remind you that the chatGPT name is owned and controlled by OpenAI, you can’t use that to sell your products…

You can read more about it here:

Sorry for asking a stupid question, but exactly which point in the guidelines are we violating?

No worries mate, questions are always welcome :hugs:

as previously mentioned, the name “chatGPT” is OpenAI’s trademark, you can’t use that to advertise you own products, like this:

…Put a ChatGPT Chatbot on your website

You can however say that it’s a “chatbot powered by OpenAI” (according to the brand guidelines)

Great! :slight_smile:

However, there are about 10,000+ products out there, most of whom have 1,000x as much volume as us, doing the exact same thing. Do a search on ProductHunt for ChatGPT for instance.

You can’t pick on one of us without picking on all of us … :confused:

I could give you a list, but it’s probably easier to simply search for ChatGPT on ProductHunt …

If you send me “an official” cease and desist letter, as an official representative of OpenAI, I will go through our website and remove the word ChatGPT from our product description, and add the “Powered by OpenAI badge” - At which point I’d screenshot your email, redact (parts) of your email, and post it to the largest ChatGPT Facebook group (I know the admin), to help you out.

Sorry for asking you to do this, but I’ll not remove our single largest SEO keyword while letting everybody else off the hook here. You can send the email to Psst, I (seriously!) know about 1,000 similar products myself, all of whom are using “ChatGPT” in their product description … :confused:

Lmao :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’ll give you a hint here and say that all OpenAI employees have “OpenAI staff” under their name…

So you won’t be getting a letter from me, but you are posting this on OpenAI’s official developer community forum, so I’ll say there’s a fair chance that they’re scanning their own forum for trademark infringement :rofl:

I think you need to elaborate on the “help you out” bit, because right now your just making vague threats.

According to the FBI there’s a burglary happening every 30 second’s, but that doesn’t mean I’m allowed to smash your windows and steal your stuff.

Your argument is a classic example of the “Tu quoque” logical fallacy and doesn’t directly address the validity of the criticism but instead deflects it by pointing to the prevalence of similar behavior in others.

Tldr.: it’s probably a good idea to stop asking for a cease and desist letter, and saying that just because others are doing something wrong, doesn’t make it right to do the same.

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And if 10,000+ products out there posted links to their sites here, we’d be telling them the same thing.

You should take the suggestions to update your website to remove the infringing content—it would be unfortunate if you were to lose your OpenAI account over something so silly.


Can I ask you a couple of questions?

  1. Both you and N2U are volunteers and moderating these forums, right?
  2. You both have the powers to ban me from these forums, right?
  3. You both have the power to censor my posts here, right?
  4. None of you are working for OpenAI, right?
  5. My forum account and my OpenAI API account are separate, and regardless of whether or not you ban me from these forums, it won’t affect my OpenAI account in anyways, right?

If the answer to all of the above is yes, I’d say go for it. Ban me as much as you want. In fact, never mind, I’ll leave these forums myself …

Quote N2U:

Happy to help :slight_smile:

Oops, it seems it’s impossible to delete my account, which CLEARLY is a violation of GDPR in EU where I live. Psst, EU doesn’t take lightly on that stuff … :wink:

If one of the forum admins could help me with deleting my forum account here (NOT the OpenAI API account), I would appreciate it … :slight_smile:

Have a nice life :slight_smile:

This isn’t, exactly, true.

But, regardless, I don’t imagine it is terribly difficult for OpenAI to identify the account associated with

We are suggesting to you that you bring your website into compliance with the OpenAI brand guidelines so you don’t, ultimately, face more severe sanctions.

OpenAI staff will forward trademark and brand guidelines violations identified here to their legal team, I don’t imagine it’s great for your business to get a C&D letter from the company which provides the entire backend to your core business.

@N2U pointing out the violation of brand guidelines was a courtesy and a kindness. An opportunity for you to fix things before they become a larger issue.

The point I was making was to simply point out that OpenAI could terminate your account for violating brand guidelines—without even bothering to send a C&D.

I am absolutely gobsmacked you would go so far as to say you’ll only remedy the infringement after legal gets involved.

But, if that’s what you want, we can certainly forward this topic up the chain, especially now that you’ve resorted to issuing threats in light of a forum moderator politely attempting to help.