Open ai api availability for student developers

Is the open have some access of its api for student like i am a student and i am working on machine learning models and Artificial intelligence but i cannot afford to buy credits from openai for its api so us there any other option or request access for openai api i am working on my own and with some of my friends we are working on to make chat bots and more other type of bots so if is any other way to get openai api for without buying credits so please tell me and help me…

Welcome to the OpenAI dev forum, @jainpriyansh2007!

As far as I know, OpenAI currently doesn’t offer any discounted or free services for students. However, this could change in the future, so keep an eye out!

I noticed you’re interested in developing chatbots, which is fantastic! I’d highly recommend getting an Azure for Students subscription. It could be a great resource for you.

Additionally, consider signing up for the GitHub Student Developer Pack. It’s packed with useful tools and resources that could be beneficial for your learning journey.

Best of luck on your learning journey.


There is this program that might be worth going for