Oops, an error occurred! Assistant

My assistant is public, but when I start it, there is always “Oops, an error occurred!” Tried it 40 times. What could be the reason? Please give me a hint?

Same thing is happening to me as well but with CustomGPTs that have API actions, but strangely, only with two existing chat threads.

If I open up my Custom GPT that has an API connection and test it, I will get a response back from ChatGPT.

If I open up some existing threads in my left nav from that custom GPT, I get the “Oops, an error occurred!” message, as well as no ability to even remove the old thread from my list.

Your issue is different but still mentioning in here I am dealing with a similar issue, which is frustrating because I’m just trying to remove those two specific threads that were testing.

Hopefully more gets fixed this week.

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I am having the same issue in chrome but firefox is working.