One Thread, multiple runs, assistant response empty after first run

Hi there. I am currently trying to get an assistant running in a C# application. I take the curl commands and convert them to C# HTTP calls. It works fine as long as I create a new thread for each new message from the user but that was just for basic testing purposes and is quite unuseful as no follow up questions are possible. Now the actual issue is when using one thread for multiple user messages (runs), since it works fine for the first message but the assistants response is empty from the second run on. Has anyone had any similiar issues or knows what I am doing wrong? I am initializing the thread at the start of a session and retrieving it before every run. The response after the first message looks like this:

Thread retrieved successfully
Message appended to Thread.
Run successful.
“id”: “msg_mcWBLV58ZrWfaJP4uh9JGkHV”,
“object”: “thread.message”,
“created_at”: 1717096600,
“assistant_id”: “asst_70MYgLJ3Ra3iMdPIFfLH5p2H”,
“thread_id”: “thread_c6dO5nG3rTRyUbhmQOt0fdHB”,
“run_id”: “run_wcgqJCeG797AexdHRipEQ9IO”,
“role”: “assistant”,
“content”: ,
“attachments”: ,
“metadata”: {}

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance!

You should be polling for the run status and taking action only when a run is completed or when a tool_call needs to be performed.

Sorry forgot to mention, I am only retrieving the message (assistant response) as soon as the run status is completed.