Assistant API with Thread after run says I'm sorry I cannot fulfill this request

Hello everyone,

I’ve been working with the Assistant API and threads. After creating a thread for the assistant and providing instructions, it seems to work perfectly for the initial request, generating the expected output. However, when I attempt to add a new message to the thread to prompt the assistant for a second answer, I encounter the following response:

  • “I’m sorry, I cannot fulfill this request.”

Why might this be happening? Is it necessary to create multiple threads for the same assistant? I’d prefer to continue adding messages within the same thread to ensure the assistant generates the expected answers. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

I wanna to continue to create messages in the same Thread so the assitant can generate expected answers. Thanks for the help.

We use the same model, I’m able to add messages to a named thread. How exactly did you try to add a message? Did you also try to use curl from command line to help with debug?